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Advanced Programs

Advanced Programs
Enrolling qualified students in advanced coursesadvanced-programs1.jpg

Wilson High School sees the potential in every student and believes all students can be successful. That’s why our school is automatically enrolling qualified students into advanced programs or courses during the school year.
To help reach the Tacoma School District’s academic excellence strategic goal in which all students will perform at or above grade level, and to comply with a state senate bill, the school board adopted the Academic Acceleration and Rigor Policy in June 2013.

Advanced Programs Wilson Offers:

Advanced Placement (offered at Foss, Lincoln, Mt. Tahoma, Oakland, SAMI, SOTA, Stadium, Wilson)
The College Board’s AP program enables academically-prepared students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school. Learn more
Running Start (Offered at Foss, Lincoln, Mt. Tahoma, Oakland, SAMI, SOTA, Stadium, Wilson)
Running Start provides qualified 11th and 12th grade students an option to attend certain higher education institutions while earning high school and college/university credit. Learn more
College in the High School (Offered at Foss, Lincoln, Mt. Tahoma, Oakland, SAMI, SOTA, Stadium, Wilson
CIHS provides college-level academic courses in high schools for qualified high school students. Students enrolled in CIHS are officially enrolled in a dual-credit high school/college or university course. Students must meet college-specific course requirements in order to earn both high school and college credit. Learn more
Career & Technical Education (Offered at select schools)
Select CTE classes allow students to earn both high school and community/technical college credit. Class offerings, which vary by school, range from accounting to veterinary technology. Students must earn a 3.0 or better to qualify for dual credit. Learn more