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Uniform Policy / Dress Code


School Colors ONLY --- khaki, navy blue, black, blue denim

Jeans, cords, slacks, shorts, capris, cargos --- plain, regular fit. No sweat pants.

Length of jeans/cords/slacks/cargos --- natural waist to top of shoe, not dragging on the floor, hemmed and not frayed

Length of shorts --- natural waist to no longer than mid-knee and no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee

Length of skirts/skorts/jumpers --- natural waist to no longer than mid-calf and no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee

Waist --- no more than 1 inch larger than the natural waist

Style --- no bibs (except jumpers), loops, stripes, logos, large writing, or other adornment or embellishment on legs, pockets, hems, etc.; no tight fitting or clinging clothing

Girls may wear, leggings, tights, or spandex shorts in uniform colors under skirts, skorts, and jumpers; shorts must not show below the length of the skirt, skort, or jumper



Solid single colored tops, no logo please- navy blue, black, white, red

Shirts --- polo or blouse with a collar, short or long-sleeve (not sleeveless), turtleneck or mock turtleneck. Shirts worn underneath a dress code shirt should be school colors.

Sweatshirts/sweaters/vests --- plain solid single color or with the school logo (with a collar showing)

Only Washington-Hoyt logos are allowed.

Style --- solid color, no stripes, no logos or other adornment or embellishment, no piping or lace in a different color than the rest of the top, no tight fitting or clinging clothing

Miscellaneous - outerwear is to remain in students’ lockers, no color crayon hair dyes

The following are inappropriate and unacceptable dress, even on free dress days: high heels; flip flops; open-toed shoes, tank tops; halter tops; low-cut tops; sleeveless tops; swimsuits; nightclothes/slippers; bare midriffs; see-through clothing; mini-skirts; running shorts; boxers; tight clothing; clothing worn inside-out; clothing and/or hats that advertise or promote the use of drugs, cigarettes, alcohol; or bear references or pictures which are racist, profane, vulgar, discriminatory and/or sexual in nature.​