The Unforgettables

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The Unforgettables: Aquilla Jackson, Jefferson Elementary Aquilla Jackson
Jefferson Elementary 
Great teachers do change lives. Superhero teacher, Aquilla Jackson, has made it his mission to build relationships with every student and show them how to fall in love with learning. Mr. Jackson, you’re an amazing teacher—Thank you for your service, your leadership, and your voice. You’re a pretty incredible dude.

The Unforgettables: Major James Phillips, Foss JROTC Air Force Major James Phillips
Foss High School, JROTC Air Force

TOUGH LOVE. Maj. James Phillips, Foss High School, US Air Force JROTC instructor, prepares students to be leaders—in school, on the job, and in life. The world is a tough place, but dedicated teachers like Maj. Phillips make a significant difference for students, every day.

The Unforgettables: Minh Nguyen, Lincoln High School Minh Nguyen
Lincoln High School 

You know when someone genuinely cares about you. You can feel it and it drives you to work hard—harder than you thought you could. At Lincoln High, that teacher is Minh Nguyen. Don’t let his tough guy appearance fool you—this Lincoln alum, champion tennis coach and science teacher is back to change lives on Tacoma’s Eastside and he’s not accepting excuses.

The Unforgettables: Katherine Davis, Blix Elementary Katherine Davis
Blix Elementary
When you have never seen a teacher like you, your own color, who speaks your language – as a student it’s powerful to see that adult in front of you. Every day teachers like Katherine Davis at Blix Elementary’s dual-language program change students' lives. She helps students understand they can be anything they dream to be—as a member of this community, this society, and this country. We’re all better humans because of teachers like Katherine. Unforgettable.
The Unforgettables: Diana Sailer, Grant Elementary Diana Sailer
Grant Center for the Expressive Arts 
“All I see is happiness in the rearview mirror.” Diana Sailer has taught kindergarten and first graders at Grant Center for the Expressive Arts for over 38 years. Her dedication has not wavered, and she has helped launch more than 1000 students – teaching them to read and discover subjects they could explore into adulthood. Mrs. Sailer is unforgettable. We thank Diana for her contributions to Tacoma’s children

Jason Lee Middle School
Every second, every minute, EVERY DAY our teachers come full-force. Anne Hawkins at Jason Lee Middle School is passionate about preparing her students to take on the world—pouring her heart and soul into every opportunity to build our next generation of leaders. Anne, you are an incredible teacher and advocate for all students—you are unforgettable.

The Unforgettables: Brent Gaspaire, Mount Tahoma High School Brent Gaspaire
Mount Tahoma High School

How do you teach teenagers politics? For Brent Gaspaire, Advanced Placement (AP) Government teacher at Mount Tahoma High it starts with crafting a vision of inclusion, hope, and empowerment. “If you don’t do politics, politics will do you.” His genuine care and investment in building young adults with collaborative, critical thinking skills are helping the next generation—an incredible generation—see and believe they will make a difference. Brent, you are an Unforgettable.

Mount Tahoma High School
It gives Olivia chills to think she’s an unforgettable teacher. Olivia, a deaf American Sign Language (ASL) teacher at Mount Tahoma, teaches language from the source. Unlike hearing teachers teaching ASL, she eats, breathes and sleeps the language—showing students that people with and without disabilities are no different—we are all the same.