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Truman Middle School

Truman Dresscode Standards

Truman Dress Standards reflect pride and dignity, and demonstrate that school is a place to study and learn. Our Truman Dress Standards, which are conservative in nature, support student safety and promote a focused, orderly school climate. They have been chosen to be consistent, affordable, and available. Standards are also designed to provide a “business-like” atmosphere, to help students develop the lifelong habit of dressing appropriately for the workplace and not to keep up with current fashion trends. Items approved by Truman’s dress code committee and sold through the main office, or the school sponsored Truman online store are referred to as “Truman Gear”. “Custom” items purchased through other vendors or stores will not be approved for dress code wear. If you have questions about dress code guidelines please call the school before making a purchase.

 Truman Gear T-Shirts sold through the Main office, or through the Truman online store only may be worn as outer wear, these are not to be worn during P.E.
 Polo style (traditional/classic, not form fitted, 2-5 buttons, no pockets). Plain, any solid-color, short or long-sleeve (shirts worn under the polo must also be plain, solid colored).
 NO logos, emblems, writing, etc. (except Truman approved logo)
 NO under-garments or lace showing at any time
 NO sleeveless, rolled or capped sleeves

Truman approved red, blue, or white logo hooded sweatshirts, and crew neck sweatshirts only. These must be purchased at Truman or through the school affiliated website.​
Do not alter sweatshirt in any way, such as with writing, cutting, holes in cuffs, etc. If sweatshirts become damaged, ripped, torn pockets… they must be repaired or replaced.
Hoods must be down when inside school buildings at all times
 The polo or Truman Gear T-Shirt is the foundational garment and needs to be worn under the sweatshirt. Then if it becomes too warm, the sweatshirt may                       be removed  while the individual remains in dress code.
 Only 1 sweatshirt at a time may be worn; no stacking

Colors: Any plain solid color (no white) Colors: Any plain solid color (no white) .
Fabric: Denim, cords, twills only.
* No excessive decorative designs or stitching, sequined backsides, etc.
* No stacking of pants, i.e., wearing multiple pairs at one time or P.E. shorts under pants.
 *    No bleached jeans or pants with holes or tears

Note – some pant materials may appear to be denim but are not. Please check to ensure these stretch materials are not purchased as uniform clothing for school.
No spandex, stretch material, leggings, jeggings, or yoga style.
Hem: Neatly, securely hemmed (not stapled, safety pinned, taped, rubber band, frayed, rolled, or split hems).
Pant styles: traditional, straight-leg or slight flair, regular or relaxed fit.
Note - **Sagging is not tolerated at Truman
If pants are sagging below the “rear-end” or underwear showing, parents will be called to bring in appropriate attire for Truman Middle School. If a parent cannot bring new clothing to school, that student will spend the day in ISS.
Shorts and Capris: walking shorts are acceptable, but must at least meet the knee in length; they may be longer, but not shorter. They are to be of the same colors and materials as long pants (see above).
Belts are strongly encouraged. IF a student requires repeated reminders to keep pants at hips the parent will be contacted and that student will be required to wear a belt. No elastic or drawstring belts. Shoe strings and ribbons are not acceptable replacements for belts.


Shoes must be properly tied and/or fastened.

  • No backless shoes, flip flops, slippers or similar style flat shoes without a sole, 5 Toe (Athletic) Shoes or uncovered toes. This policy prevents accidents and injuries, especially on the stairs.

  • Socks are encouraged.

  • No shoes that light up or with wheels.

  • No high heels (even on ceremony dress days)

  • Truman Gear with approved school, club, or athletic logo crew or hooded sweatshirts ONLY

  • Hoods down in the building, and Sweatshirts not tied in the back

  • Students may only wear one sweatshirt at a time and not “stack them”

  • Coats & other outerwear stored in lockers, not worn inside during school day.

  • Students may wear coats outside during lunch.

Jewelry hanging from piercings represents a significant safety issue in busy hallways and active school grounds. As a result earring hoops must be small, no bigger than a quarter.
Hoops, hooks, and spikes emanating from nose, facial area, or locations on one’s body other than ears are not allowed at school. No spikes in the ears. Students will be directed to remove these while at school.

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