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Truman Middle School

School Dress Code Standards

Here at Truman Middle School, dress code standards reflect pride and dignity and demonstrate that school is a place to study and learn. Our standards, which are conservative in nature, support student safety and promote a focused, orderly school climate. They have been chosen to be consistent, affordable, and available. Standards are also designed to provide a “business-like” atmosphere, to help students develop the lifelong habit of dressing appropriately for the workplace and not to keep up with current fashion trends. Items approved by Truman’s dress code committee as optional and are sold through the main office are referred to as “Truman Gear”. Any “Custom” items purchased through other vendors or stores WILL NOT be approved for dress code wear. If you have questions about dress code guidelines please call the school @ (253) 571-5600 before making a purchase.








(t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts,

sweaters, and light zip-up


All Solid Colors OR

Truman Gear

*No logo, words, pictures, writing visible on   clothing

*No pinning or tying shirts

*No tears, holes, or cuts

*No sleeveless, rolled or cap sleeves



All Solid Colors


*No logo, words, pictures, writing visible on clothing

*Pants -denim, corduroy or twill

*Shorts - MAXIMUM of 3" above the knee

*No tears, holes, or cuts

*No leggings, sweats, joggers or yoga style pants

*No sagging- all worn at the waistline or belted

*No dresses or skirts



Any Color

*Must have toe covering and backs/heel straps

*No flip flops or sandals, slides, slippers or moccasins

*No heels TALLER than 2 inches

*No wooden, metal or plastic shoes



*Must be safe, non-suggestive and not disruptive

*Hairbands no wider than 2 inches

*Backpacks or purses MUST be stored in lockers

*No head covering of any type or sweatbands

*No spiked or dog collars, chains, wristband, gloves

*No lanyards, bandanas or straps hanging out of pockets

*No hoops LARGER THAN the size of a quarter and on ears only

*No hooks, gages or spikes
















































Civvies Day Guidelines:

Periodically throughout the school year, there will be specific days designated as Civvies Days, as a reward to

students. The items listed as not permitted in the Description column above, also apply including:

*Baggy   *Bandanas   *Boxers showing   *Caps/hats   *Chains   *Cuts /Tears   *Flip Flops

*Frayed *Hats *Holes *Inside-Out *Oversized *Pajamas *Slip Hems

*Sagging *Sandals *Slides   *Slippers *Spandex   *Leggings *Spikes   *Sports Bra *Stapled *Sunglasses *Tank Tops *Taped   *Thongs showing   *Yoga Pants


All clothing items CAN NEVER promote or reference the following:

*Alcohol     *Bigotry     *Drugs     *Gangs     *Racism     *Sex     *Suicide     *Tobacco *Vandalism     *Violence

Refer to the Student Handbook & Planner for the entire dress code which also includes Ceremony & Performance Attire. ​