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Truman Middle School

Safety & General Info for Parents

SKATEBOARDS: No Skateboards or Skates allowed at School -These present both storage and safety issues on campus. Bicycles are acceptable and there is a bike rack by the clock tower for students to secure their bikes. NoSkateboarding.jpg

However, students should not ride their bikes in the courtyard, bus loading zone, field, or parking lots.
The bus load zone, is not a parking or drop off zone (other than for buses) for students. If you are on 37th street please drop your student off on the sidewalk of 37th. Thanks to all drivers who have consistently complied with this policy.


: As you know Safety is our number one concern for our students at Truman. We do hope you will help us maintain safety within and around our school by StudentCrossing.jpg
first reminding your student about safety procedures, and also by following traffic rules and expectations to ensure our students are safe in parking lots and crossing the street.
There are two particular areas of concern regarding student safety. The first concern is the crosswalk area on 37th street. 37th street is indeed the best place to pick up and drop off your student in the morning and afternoon. However, there is a red mark on the sidewalk, as well as a clearly marked crosswalk that should remain clear so students will have ample room and clear vision of oncoming cars as they walk across the street. Please do not park in the marked, off limit area. There is much room along both sides of 37th street to pick up your student. It won’t hurt them to walk a few steps down the road to you, unless they are injured. In the case of injury, special permissions will be given to you by the coaches to pick up in a designated area. Otherwise, students should come to you along permitted areas along 37th street, not in the crosswalk or the bus loading zone.

We appreciate the parents who have been very careful of our students crossing the street.  Also, it is remaining darker longer in the morning hours and students should be very careful to walk safely to school in pairs or groups. Remind students that they are to come directly to school within safe walking routes, and avoid interacting with strangers at all costs. Not only should they be aware of traffic, but all of their surroundings, and report any suspicious behaviors immediately to admin or security.

ATTENDANCE: First days of school are extremely important. Not only do we provide lessons to build a strong foundation for the school year, but we are also required to count each student physically attending class. A student will be dropped from our enrollment if absent within the first three days of school. Also, we report absences to the state, and are required to follow the BECCA bill law for unexcused absences.

BUS STOPS: Bus stops for Truman are listed online From the parent tab on the Tacoma School District website, you will go to BUS ROUTES. You can either type in your address, or you can access “All stops” from the left hand menu. If you choose “All stops”, then you must choose Truman to access stops and pick up times specifically for Truman. Find the stop nearest your home and make sure your student is there a little early in the morning. The transportation office changes and deletes stops periodically based on ridership. Therefore, it is important for your student to be at the proper location on time.

DROPPING OFF YOUR STUDENT: Dropping students off on 37th street is the absolute best way. They can then walk up the hill to the courtyard/cafeteria. However, do not enter StudentDropOff.jpg
the bus loading zone. The bus loading zone is off limits to private vehicles. The second option is to drop them off at the front door from 35th street. There is very little room in this area, and it can be quite congested. If you choose this option, please continue forward around the side of the building and out to 37th. Do not double back toward Pearl. Also, DO NOT PARK, or use double lanes in the turn-about. Double parking/loading and unloading creates a very unsafe situation for students getting out of cars. Importantly, if your unwillingness to follow courtesy driving and drop off procedures creates a stir or danger, we will call the authorities and expect onlookers to do the same. We expect safety and courtesy at this school at all times.



LUNCH ACCOUNTS: Lunch Money Accounts and Application for Lunch plans are also accessed online. From the Tacoma Public Schools main menu, choose SCHOOL MEALS from the Parent tab at the top. From there, you will be able to add money to your student’s lunch account and/or apply for Free or Reduced Lunch.
Periodically we have emergency evacuation and lock down drills at Truman so students know what to do in the event of an emergency. We do these regularly every year.

Paying for School Meals:
These two services make it easy to ensure your child gets nutritious meals that promote learning. Use Lunch Money Now to add to your child's meal account or use Meal App Now to apply for free or reduced price lunches. Find menus and other general information on the Nutrition Services homepage.

Lunch Money Now is a secure, online system to manage student meal accounts.
LunchMoneyNow.jpgLunch Money Now is a convenient, easy to use system that allows parents to pre-pay for meals, access meal card balances and check recent meal purchases. Parents are able to check account balances 24-hours a day and receive email notification when the account falls below a specified balance. Visa and MasterCard transactions through Lunch Money Now are charged a $1.50 convenience fee. For more information, please contact Nutrition Services at 253-571-3370.

Meal App Now eliminates the paperwork by offering a secure, online systemfor free and reduced meal applications.
MealAppNow.jpgYou will be prompted to create an account or login, then just follow the simple steps to complete a meal application for the current school year. If you need assistance, please contact Nutrition Services at 253-571-3370. More info on free and reduced priced meals (pdf).



-While busing gets sorted out it is possible that some buses will arrive late. As always your patience is appreciated. If you have specific transportation questions that you are unable to answer by visiting the district website, contact Beverly Plank​, Guidance Office Coordinator, at (253) 571-5682.

-When dropping off your student at school 37th street is the most efficient location.
-Students are not to visit or hang out at the elementary schools within the window of operation. If they are picking up a sibling they must wait at the designated area.

PTSA:  Please save every 2nd Wednesday of the month for our Truman PTSA meetings in the library. The meetings are very informative and we need your parent voice. You can email your questions and ideas to (no spaces). Membership is only $10, but don’t let membership dues stop you from attending, we want everyone there and we want every parent’s input. You are a very important part of our Truman community. Again, the first Parent meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th at 6:30 PM in the library.