Transportation Services

Student Transportation Services, in partnership with First Student, provides nearly 10,000 students with daily school bus transportation to and from school. Our staff and bus drivers are dedicated to ensuring student safety and providing efficient service. 

5 Steps to a Yellow Bus

Step 1: Determine if your student is eligible to ride a bus.

To receive bus transportation, a student must live more than one mile from their neighborhood school. There are other factors that may qualify your student for bus service. Review the Eligibility Guidelines for additional details. 

Step 2: Lookup the location and time of your student's bus stop.

You can quickly find your school's bus stop locations and times by entering your address in our Bus Stop Lookup

Step 3: Notify your school's office before your student rides a bus.

Let them know the name of your student and where he/she will be picked up and dropped off.

Step 4: Familiarize yourself and your student with bus safety rules.

Review the Bus Safety Guidelines to ensure safe and appropriate behavior for all riders.

Step 5: Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to your pick-up time.

Ridership and traffic patterns can vary each day, which means actual pick-up times fluctuate. Being early to your stop helps to make sure that no one misses the bus! Changes to routes occur throughout the year - visit the All Bus Stops page often to see if there are any updates for your bus.