Is My Student Eligible to Ride the Bus?

To receive bus service, a student must live more than one mile from their neighborhood school. 

bus-stop-lookup.pngEach school has a boundary area which it serves. The bus stop lookup shows the school your student will attend based on your address and school disrict boundaries. It will also indicate if your address is eligible for bus services. Transportation is not provided for students who live in one boundary area but choose to attend a school outside of it. 

Students may also receive bus service if:

  • Hazards that can’t be overcome make it unsafe for a student to walk to school.

  • A disability makes it necessary to ride a bus. For these students with disabilities, a 504 plan must be in place as well as a doctor's written verification of the medical problem.

  • The student stays before or after school at a home or child care site in an area that is served by a school bus and where that address is used for enrollment purposes.

  • The student is served by a special program in the district, such as English Language Learner, Special Education or McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance. Please inquire with your school to determine program eligibility.

Review our Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.