Empowered to choose, empowered to achieve.

Providing school choices puts students and parents in the driver's seat of their education. Every student deserves to be in a school that is the right fit for their individual needs. Tacoma offers open enrollment, innovative schools and programs to connect students to learning. Students and parents are empowered to make choices about their education.

In conjunction with the 2016-2017 wall calendar, we interviewed 10 awesome students from elementary to high school. We asked what they love to learn about, what their dreams are and how their school and their choices are shaping the future.​

Where will your child excel?  Discover your Tacoma school choices.

Kasey is our February Tacoma kid.

For parent Missy Lewandowski, Birney Elementary school’s deaf and hard of hearing program was the perfect fit. Missy’s son Kasey is deaf. Missy states, “As a hearing community and a deaf community, we are all together one big community. And the equal access for education, is very important so when he grows up, he can move on with his life and his goals. Whatever he’d like to do.” 

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"If I just keep drawing and writing and believing in myself, I can make my own books. Ms. Callendar helps me with my writing by teaching me stuff, so I can think."

Dysan Arnett, Browns Point Elementary, Class of 2026


"There is no distinction between the forest and the classroom at SAMi. I really care a lot about the environment, and I like learning how I can think of new ways of protecting it and being out in it with a scientific focus."

Mira Peterson, Science and Math Institute (SAMi), Class of 2017


"At Bryant you get to have choices about the things you do. When I get choices, I like to read. I’m reading Harry Potter. It’s really action-packed, but there’s also boring stuff. It’s kind of like there’s small parts of boring bits, but there’s also medium-sized really exciting bits."

Riley Weaver, Bryant Montessori, Class of 2024​


"I do feel like I’m directing my education even if I’m in high school. Out of all my choices, I feel like this is the best thing I could have done. Since I’m in control, I am able to choose whether I’m successful or not. IB pushes you to be responsible. It pushes you to a limit. And when you get over that limit, you feel like a champion."

Solangel Montalvo, Foss IB World School, Class of 2017​


"It’s endless, the amount of possibilities you can do with glass blowing. In this class we’re trusted with a lot of responsibility. Everyone gets more mature when they walk in here. It feels good to be trusted. They want you to be creative, share all your ideas and talk out loud."

Jack Spitzer, Jason Lee Middle School, Class of 2020


"Science is one of my favorite subjects. I like to guess what’s going to happen. I get to do experiments, like when we added stuff to soda pop to see what would happen."

Kasey Lewandowski, Birney Elementary, Class of 2026​

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"In broadcasting I get to go out and have fun while I'm getting work done and learning. It's taught me a lot about time management, patience and being on my toes. When people watch your work it's the best feeling."

Jera Roller, Stewart Middle School, Class of 2020​

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"I am always moving. Doing an activity helps me learn and understand things better that just taking notes."

Tatiana Parker-Borreo, Giaudrone Middle School, Class of 2020​

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"I don’t have a dream yet, because what I want doesn’t exist. Wherever my life leads me I have to make good decisions. I’m always trying to stay focused, get my work in on time and ask questions when I don’t know something."

Austin Tichy, Wainwright Intermediate, Class of 2023​

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"It's so important to me to be rooted in education, to have that love for education, to have that hunger for education. Because when you're hungry for education if never gets boring. You never get tired tired of learning. When you have that energy and positivity you can change the world."

Allie Brooks, Lincoln High School, Class of 2018