Explore your Tacoma school choices

Tacoma Public Schools has an open enrollment policy throughout the district that allows parents to choose the school they think best fits the needs of their children and family. Enrollment is based on space availability, but we work to fulfill every request. To learn more visit Enrollment and Choice Services .

 Find a Kindergarten Open House​​​​​​​​

Preschool and Eleme​ntary schools.

Across Tacoma you'll find FREE Preschool, FREE full-day kindergarten and innovative Elementary curriculum that ignites a passion for learning at an early age. Tacoma Public Schools has 35 elementary locations, 32 preschool locations with eight of our elementary schools designated as innovative schools. Learn more about each elementary school.

Middle schools

The transition from elementary to middle school is a big step, and we're committed to helping you find the school that's the right fit for your child. In each of Tacoma Public Schools' 10 middle schools you will find challenging curriculum, and innovative programs to get your student excited about learning and prepare them for high school and beyond. Five middle schools have be designated as innovative for infusing a unique learning environment into the total school experience. Learn more about each middle school.

High sch​​ools

High school is about much more than graduation; it's a time for students to explore their interests, challenge themselves academically and prepare for success after graduation. Tacoma Public Schools has nine high schools to choose from this coming fall. Five schools have been designated as innovative but all schools offer a unique experience where student achievement is the highest priority. Learn more about each high school.

​Innovative Schools 

From school to school you will find diverse programs that connect students to their passions and keep them engaged in learning. Tacoma Public Schools designates 19 schools as "Innovative Schools" for infusing a unique learning environment into the total school experience.​