What students think about summer programs

First Creek Middle School’s incoming 7th and 8th graders enjoyed academic and social experiences through a variety of activities and hands-on learning during the school’s five-week summer program, which ran June 23 through July 23. Here’s what some of the students had to say about their meaningful summer school experience. 

Ty1.jpgTy Evins, 13
“This summer was cool, because we went on fieldtrips every Thursday that related to what we’re learning during academic time at summer program. I enjoyed Camp Seymour and JA Finance Park. The first week, I learned to never give up on my goals, and to seek out how to be successful in life. We did more activities than just "Summer School" and we all enjoyed that.”


Keyonna1.jpgKeyonna King, 13
“I really enjoyed the summer program. I learned a lot around math and finances with Mr. Hillis and JA Finance Program. I want to come back and volunteer or participate again next summer. I honestly think we went on more fieldtrips than during the school year, and on top of that, they were very educational and fun, I learned so much! I recommend this summer program for future First Creek students, I formed great relationships with teachers and staff and new students. I also enjoyed the cooking classes, because you could really make great tasting and healthy meals!”

Tamon1.jpgTamon Levertte, 12

“I have never been to a summer program like this. The classes were fun, the field trips were places I have never been, but learned so much about building a bridge, or challenging myself, or learning about finances. I would never imagine Skydiving, it was a dream come true. Brotherhood was my favorite time, I met cool guys, who I would want to follow, they all seemed like they really cared about my behavior, my grades and my life. I was encouraged to always put my best foot forward. I want to come back next year”

Brent1.jpgBrent Collins, 12
“This was the best summer I have ever had. I learned a different way to do math, I learned how to budget money and step out of my comfort zone at Camp Seymour with the ropes course. I was so scared! I will never forget this summer. I feel like I am ready for 7th grade, my 6th grade year was not like this, so I am looking forward to school and next summer already!”



Matthew2.jpgMatthew Etienne, 13
“This is my second year attending summer program by the YMCA. I must say, this year was over the top. I loved attending the DLR Group fieldtrip. It was an awesome place to visit, the people who work there, shared how they became an interior designer, architect or engineer, they talked about what it took to get them there, and how they already knew when they were my age, that it was an interest. I really connected. We got to work in teams with the engineers, to build a spaghetti tower, and seeing who had the coolest and strongest design was so fun!”

Gabrielle2.jpgGabrielle Tallungan, 14
“I really enjoyed Mr. Don’s YMCA leadership and team building activities and the Do Something Now Project. I really enjoyed learning how to work together as a team, and growing as a leader. I learned how to take a look at our community, and find out projects that will help make it better. I will take what I have learned this summer and apply it high school, where I would like to be a part of the student government and ASB leadership clubs!”


Jassen2.jpgJassen Cruz, 13
“I really enjoyed getting to work with and grow closer to the teachers that were part of the program. I really enjoyed Mr. Norm from the Fit for Math program. I really thought I was just afraid of math, but working with Mr. Norm, he showed me that it is all in how we understand math. He made it so easy, and I feel like I am prepared for pre-algebra this school year!”






Maria1.jpgMaria Ramirez, 13 
“I really enjoyed working with the teachers and FC Eagle Center staff for the YMCA. They made learning and enrichment fun, were always around and available for us, hung out with us during lunch and joined us on our fieldtrips. It let me know that teachers are people too! I feel better about starting my 8th grade year, knowing they will be here during the school year.”






Ryequanda1.jpgRyequanda Segar, 14
“The Sisterhood sessions really got me to thinking about how I can change my sometimes negative thoughts and behaviors to positive. We created vision boards that allowed us to set goals and a vision for what we want to accomplish this year. We has special speakers and amazing mentors, that were always ready to talk and listen. I really want to stay connected to Mrs. Fahren and Sisterhood, even though I will be in 9th grade. I really had a wonderful time and best summer that I can think of in a long time!”