Student Life

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Research shows that athletics and extracurricular activities can promote academic achievement and foster important life skills for students.

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The Whole Child Initiative

Whole children know how to read, write and solve math problems. Whole children are also socially strong, emotionally resilient, advocators, and self-determined. Whole children know how to build quality relationships with each other as critical thinkers and learners.

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Good Attendance: Every minute in school counts

Good attendance is missing not more than 1 day of school a month, whether excused or unexcused. It's no surprise that, at all levels of school, research shows attendance can impact student success.

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Harassment, intimidation and bullying have no place in school.

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​Our goal in Student Life is to achieve success in academics and provide a safe environment for students to learn.​


We support students, staff and community at the schools through athletics & ASB activities programing for the middle schools and high schools,  social-emotional learning through The Whole Child Initiative, student-to-student harassment/intimidation/bullying (HIB), and student-to-student Title IX concerns.  In partnership with students, administration, staff, and parents we will provide programming, leadership, and learning to enhance educational experiences that are rigorous,  individualized and enable students with life-skills to contribute to a changing and diverse world.