Help for using K-12 Academic Benchmarks

​​Below is a general overview of how the benchmarks work. Each benchmark's "Learn More" page helps you get the most out of the data by explaining ​its importance the logic behind the calculations, and more.

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New ​Tab

By default, when you are on the Strategic Plan website and click a button to view a benchmark, a new tab opens in your browser.

To go back to the Strategic Plan site, click it's tab or close the benchmark's tab - it starts with "Excel Web Access..."



The green bar on the left contains filters you can use to move from a broad overview of the data to drilling down to fine grain detail.

You can set many filters at once. Hold the 'Ctrl' key while making selections within a filter for ultimate performance. Experiment and see what combination of filters gives you the right data for decision-making.


Th​e Benchmark

The center of the page is where you see the actual benchmark data. As you change filters, this area updates automatically.



On the far right, you can select a pre-built view of the data. Often, the combination of filters you need is right there in a View.