Climate Survey Benchmark


​The Tacoma Public Schools Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan with four broad goals.  Goal #4 deals with safety and a component of this goal tasks Tacoma schools to create and maintain safe learning environments.  The Tacoma School District values input from students, parents, and staff and believes that a healthy school climate can contribute to the achievement of students.  

The Climate Survey is designed to gather opinions from our students, parents/legal guardians, and staff in regard to perceptions of school climate.  The survey encompasses 29 questions focused on safety, communication, diversity, student learning, high expectations and student-led conferences.​

Legacy reports

Our current reports show data from the 2018 school year and beyond using improved reporting tools. Legacy reports show older data using older tools.

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Unders​​tanding the data

The benchmark displays the number of responses received on the parent or staff survey.

Because a school year includes two calendar years, such as 2014-2015, the school year on the benchmark chart is identified by the second calendar year. For example, the 2014-2015 school year is identified as 2015 on the chart.​​

The data can be viewed by district, region, school, and race. The data can be further filtered by gender.


All parent/staff responses were included in the data.


Data retrieval schedule

The parent/staff climate survey is conducted annually and the responses load to the data warehouse.

Input from

Data warehouse​