Climate Survey: Communication Benchmark

​​Effective Communication

We strive to make the Tacoma Public School District accessible and responsive to students, families and our community. Effective family-school communication and related family engagement in education contributes to improved student achievement and better learning outcomes.

Benefits of Effective Communication:

  • Students, families & community members know key points of contact and resources within the District.
  • Stakeholder receive information through multiple communication methods
  • Critical materials available in most needed languages.
  • Increased positive stakeholder feedback and experience with Tacoma Public Schools.​

Legacy reports

Our current reports show data from the 2018 school year and beyond using improved reporting tools. Legacy reports show older data using older tools.


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Unders​​tanding the data

The benchmark displays the percentage of student responses, and the count of parent and staff responses in each category for the questions related to communication.

Because a school year includes two calendar years, such as 2014-2015, the school year on the benchmark chart is identified by the second calendar year. For example, the 2014-2015 school year is identified as 2015 on the chart.​​

The data can be viewed by district, region, school, and race. The student data can be further filtered by gender, English Language Learner status, free and reduced lunch status, special education status, and race.​ Parent and staff data can be further filtered by gender and race....


  • Student responses: Number of responses in a specific category divided by the total number of students in specific grade level.
  • Parent/staff responses: Number of responses in each category.

Data retrieval schedule

The climate surevey is conducted annually. The data is loaded into the data warehouse at the end of June

Input from

Data warehouse​​