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Stewart Middle SchoolPrincipal Kim Messersmith


Below are some Dress Code items. 


Download the Stewart Uniform Policy for a complete list.



School-approved clothing (solid white, black, or green polos and/or dress shirts)

Stewart School Sports/Club TopsDress Code2.jpg

Shirts may not hang past the lower hips

No sagging of dragging on the ground

Slacks worn at the waist, loose fitted but no larger than one size up


Black, Tan/Khaki slacks

Black jeans

Shorts/skirts no more than two inches above the knee


All shoes must have heel straps or backs

No taller than two-inch heel


Belts must be worn through the loops and not hang down

Accessories must be safe, non-suggestive, and not disruptive to the learning environment

No spikes, dog collars, chains bandanas, doo-rags, gloves, etc.

No sillybands

Coats and other outerwear must be stored in lockers

PE Wear

Required Stewart MS PE Shirt

Black or gray sweatpants only

Student Middle School ShortsStewart Uniform PolicyStewart Middle School Uniform Policy.pdf