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Attendance Policy

Students that arrive late must bring a valid excuse, either a note or a phone call, to the office when they arrive.  They will recieve a note to take to their teacher and the office will change the attendance in the computer. 
Our K-2nd grade teachers begin reading groups at 9:10 and our upper grades have specialist starting at the same time.  When a child arrives late they have already missed valuable teaching time.   Arriving to school on time everyday is a way to give your student’s day a great start.  It shows your child you respect and value teachers and that you value the job teachers do.  It is a valuable lesson parents can teach their children.  If a student is late on a regular basis he/she misses the same subject every morning and may fall behind.  If a student is late 3 times or more in one month they will be required to bring school work to the office during their recess time.
When a child is absent the parent should call the school @ 571-4302, anytime, if there is no answer you may leave a message explaining why your student is absent.  If you can’t call then on the day your child returns to school you should send a note  explaining why he/she was absent. 
If we don’t hear from parents regarding a student’s absence it will be considered unexcused.   After one unexcused absence a letter is sent home, after 2 a family conference is mandatory.  If unexcused absences continue we are required to file a Becca petition in court. 
Early Release
Signing a child out early is counted the same as a tardy.  You must have a valid reason to sign your student out early and avoiding the traffic in the parking lot is not a valid reason.  If you want to avoid parking lot traffic you can arrange to meet your student at a corner.
 Our goal is to have every student attend school on time, everyday, all day! 
Tacoma Public Schools’ focus on attendance is just part of a program designed to keep students effectively engaged in their education and to reduce risk factors associated with delinquency.  Unexcused absences and tardies over the years can have a negative effect on students.  It has long been identified as an early warning sign of potential delinquent behavior, social isolation, and educational failure.  Several studies have concluded that lack of commitment to school is a risk factor for substance abuse, delinquency, teen pregnancy, and dropping out.  The effects of truancy are pervasive— the problem takes its toll not only on students, but also on schools and communities. State law and District policy and regulations require daily and punctual attendance of all students unless officially excused. 
Simply put, it is your job, as parents/guardians, to send your student to school on time, every day, and for the whole day.