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Stadium High School

School Rules

The Student/Parent Handbook has all rules listed. Please reference the handbook for detailed rules.
Review the Stadium Dance Rules​.

Stadium is a CLOSED campus to students. You may NOT leave campus for lunch, this includes going to the parking garage or your car.

Ordering food like UberEats, Grubhub or Pizza is prohibited for students at Stadium. The delivery drivers will be turned away by security or staff and you will lose out on the food and your money.

The PAC building, the 2nd floor, and 3rd floor are OFF LIMITS to students for lunch. You may not eat your lunch, use the bathroom or loiter in these areas during your lunch. Lunch areas are 1st floor and below only. No cafeteria food in the courtyard.

Elevators are for authorized students only. Violators will receive progressive discipline.

Numbered parking spots are RESERVED. If you park in a numbered spot that is not yours, you will be towed. Marked visitor parking spots are also NOT FOR Students and you will be towed at your expense.

Skirts and shorts MUST BE no shorter than 4” above your knee. Your running shorts are not okay.

No holes above the knees of pants.

Shirts MUST have some kind of sleeves.

No hats, hoods up or sunglasses inside ANY building.

No midriffs showing.

No undergarments showing.

No bandanas

No blankets

No Drugs, Alcohol or profanity on any type of clothing.

All violations of school rules will be forwarded to principals for progressive discipline. Staff please help out by reporting violators in your classrooms.