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Stadium High School



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Club/Activity Name ​Advisor ​Email
​Art Society Virginia Hungate-Hawk (and Art Department)
​ASL Club Seiji Franklin
​Band Club Justin Ehli
​Choir Club ​Kristin Emmert
​Class of 2019 (12th graders) ​Ginger Kimble​
​Class of 2020 (11th graders) Lauren Sneden
​Class of 2021 (10th graders) ​Jess Nelson ​
​Class of 2022 (9th graders) ​Eme Masenheimer ​
​Dance Club ​Linda Anderson
DECA ​Krys Ellis
Debate Club Shoki Tanabe​
​Drama Club (Fall Play & Spring Musical) ​Liz Jacobsen ​​
​FCCLA (iLead) Sally Bright
​Feminist Club ​Virginia Hungate-Hawk ​
French Culture Club ​Johanna Needham ​​
​Girls Who Code ​Kim Muenz
​Green Club Sher Stultz
​GSA (Gender Sexuality Acceptance) Cate Roscoe
​Honor Society Colette Lease​
​Jesus Club ​​Amy Behope
​Key Club ​​Sandy Evans
​Knowledge Bowl ​​Tseveldorj Oyuntugs
​Math Club ​Shawn McDougall ​
​Navy JROTC ​Tim Allen ​​
​Orchestra Club ​Matthew Underwood ​
​Paws & Read ​Colette Lease
​Photo Club ​​Jeremy Leffel ​
​Ping Pong Club ​Dave Baughman ​​​
ProStart Kari Vadixx ​
​Ski Club ​Jess Nelson ​​​​
​Ultimate (Frisbee) ​Cate Roscoe
​Woodworking ​Kevin Grayum ​​
​Yearbook ​​​Krys Ellis
​Youth Leading Change (YLC) ​Mikaela Mattes​