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Stadium High School

College in the High School

What is College in the High School?

College in the High School (CIHS) is a dual-credit program that allows students to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously while staying in high school. CIHS courses are taught by Stadium instructors who are certified by the college that is awarding the credit. Students who have completed the college registration process will ea​rn a college transcript from the college. ​Students who register and pay for College in the High School courses will need to request transcripts from the respective college/university when transferring credits to another college/university.

Who can take a CIHS course?

CIHS courses are open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who want the challenge of a college-level course. Students should have a strong work ethic and a growth mindset based on curiosity and thinking beyond the situation. Students should be strong writers and be able to work independently.

For University of Washington courses, it is recommended that students have earned a strong grade in their prior course.

For Central Washington University credit, students must take a placement test based on the Accuplacer/Compass exam.

What CIHS courses are offered at Stadium? 

UW Logo.png
University of Washington
BIOL 100 - Introduction to Biology (5 credits)
BIOL 118 - Survey of Physiology (5 credits)
CHEM 110 - Preparation for General Chemistry (5 credits)
ENGL 111 - English Composition: Literature (5 credits)
ENGL 131 - English Composition: Exposition (5 credits)

CWU Logo.jpg

Central Washington University

MATH 153 - Pre-Calculus I (5 credits)
MATH 154 - Pre-Calculus II (5 credits)
MATH 172 - # Calculus I (5 credits)
MATH 173 - # Calculus II (5 credits)
PEAQ 112 - Swimming (2 credits)
PEAQ 221 - Lifeguard Training (3 credits)
PHYS 111/111L - # Introductory Physics I/Introductory Physics I Laboratory
PHYS 112/112L - # Introductory Physics II/Introductory Physics II Laboratory

What is the cost of a CIHS course?

University of Washington CIHS courses cost $370 per 5-credit course*. On the UW campus, the same course could cost $1,800.

Central Washington University courses cost $175 per 5-credit course*. On the CWU campus, the same course could cost $600.

# Co-delivered class: aligns with College Board Advanced Placement (AP) and College in the High School
Cost subject to change - always check with your instructor for current rates.
​​Here's what our students say:
"During my junior and senior year, I completed three college courses and scored a 4 on an AP exam. When I get to college, I will be finished with more than a quarter of my freshman year." -Samantha, c/o 2016
“The college credits I earned in high school helped me get that much closer to completing my degree.” -Spencer, c/o 2015