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Stadium High School

Advanced Placement


What is Advanced Placement?

  • Advanced Placement (AP) classes allow students to take college-level courses while still in high school, with the support of College Board-trained teachers who understand the learning needs of their students.

  • All AP courses must meet rigorous College Board standards, ensuring an equitably rigorous academic experience nationwide.

  • ​​In May of each school year, AP students take an Advanced Placement exam in their subject area - free of charge for Tacoma School District students. Students who pass the AP exam may earn college credit and/or be able to skip introductory courses once in college. This can add up to thousands of dollars in savings in books and tuition.

Who can take AP courses at Stadium?

  • ​Anyone! If you are curious and like a challenge, you are likely to find AP courses rewarding.

  • Stadium High School fully stands by College Board's philosophy that AP courses are accessible for ALL learners, regardless of socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, sexual, or religious background or identity. We want our AP courses to reflect the diversity of the Stadium student body.

  • Students' first experience with Advanced Placement courses at Stadium is generally during the sophomore year with AP World History. Thirteen (13) other AP courses in a wide variety of subject areas are available, traditionally during students' junior and senior years.

What are the benefits of taking AP courses?

  • Improve likelihood of being accepted into college or university of one's choice
  • Students study subjects in far greater depth and breadth than traditional high school courses
  • Better preparation for college
  • Develop strong analytic skills and study habits
  • Earn college credit, placement in upper-level courses in college, or both
How do I prepare myself for AP?

​You do not need to be a "straight A" student to succeed in Advanced Placement courses.

Take rigorous courses as a freshman and sophomore, including any pre-requisites for AP classes.

Develop a strong work ethic.

Develop a growth mindset:
  • focus on learning more than grades;
  • develop resiliency and perseverance;
  • understand that the brain is like a muscle in the body: exercise makes it stronger!
Intelligence can be developed with time and hard work!

Which AP courses are offered at Stadium?
(this list is subject to change)

Course​ ​Open to grade(s)
​AP Calculus AB ​11 or 12
​AP Calculus BC ​11 or 12
​AP Chemistry ​11 or 12
​AP Computer Science Principles ​9, 10, 11, or 12
​AP English Language & Composition ​10
​AP English Literature & Composition ​12​
​AP French Language & Culture ​11 or 12
​AP Physics 1 ​12
​AP Research ​12
​AP Seminar ​​11
​AP Studio 2D Art ​10, 11, or 12​
​AP United States Government & Politics ​12
​AP United States History ​11
​AP World History ​10
Here's what our student​s say:
“(AP classes are) hard work, but I’ve never regretted challenging myself.” -Kieran, c/o 2018
“Prepare yourself for a challenge that will push you harder than ever, but will yield great rewards in your future.” -Samuel, c/o 2018
“I’m taking three AP classes – it’s not that scary, it’s not that hard. As long as you try and not give up, the AP program is here to support you and help guide you through. They want you to pass.” -Yasmine, c/o 2017
“Trust me: If you were bored in middle school, AP classes will certainly challenge you and keep you busy.” -Eli, c/o 2018
“There is no harm in being ahead.” -Lillian, c/o 2017
From The Center for Public Education: Is High School Tough Enough? ©​ 2012