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Registration Schedule Poster
SOTA Required Documents
iDEA Required Documents
SOTA Registration Documents
iDEA Registration Documents
Out-of-District Enrollment
  • ​SOTA Schedule, both Fall and Spring, now ​contain teacher names for 11/12 English. Please note Regimbal Fall 3rd moves to 4th period in the Spring.

REGISTRATION takes place in May each year. Administrators at the school use Simple Tally results to decide which classes have enough interest to be in the final schedule and how many sections of each class are needed.    

Registration is done via "walk-around" scheduling. on Friday, May 24th, there will be no regular school for the day and each student will be assigned a time to come to the SOTA Music Box 
building at 302 S. 9th Street to register for all classes for their 2019-2020 school year. At the check-in desk, staff will verify that the student has both of required documents on file (see below). If so, they will be admitted to registration. 

If a student has not taken care of the required documents, they will not be admitted to Registration and a schedule will be developed for them in September - though a great many classes will be closed and unavailable. It should be a high prioirity to take care of the required documents as early as possible before registration!

Once admitted to registration, each student will be given a clear, plastic sheet with spaces for all of their classes next year and an envelope containing stickers with their name and student number on them. The classrooms in the SOTA Music Box building will have signs indicating which department's teachers are that room. Each student's job is to go to the teachers whose class they want to take and exchange their names stickers for class stickers. The teachers place name stickers on their class lists and the students place class stickers on their schedule sheet. Once a student has scheduled all of their classes, they check out and are done for the day.

Required Documents

It cannot be stressed enough that students will not be admitted to registration without the required documents. To ensure a smooth entrance to registration, students should deal with these by Friday, May 4th at the latest.  We happy to work with all families to accomplish this but we need families to take action early so as to not jeopardize student registration.

  • Camp Permission Forms
​Mentors may have collected these and submitted them to the Office. However, students can bring them to Julie Drake at SOTA or the office at iDEA by May 17th.

  • Camp Payment complete (or payment arrangement form on file)
The fee for SOTA or iDEA Camp is due by May 17th. Checks can be brought to Julie Drake at SOTA or the office at iDEA or credit cards can be used, in person, with Julie Drake at SOTA or the office at iDEA - note that the person named on the card is the only one who can use it for this purpose.
Many families prefer to break this payment into smaller installments. The form to do so is included in the Camp Permission Packets on the left of this page. Students will be admitted to registration as long as camp had been paid in full or this form has been turned in. PLEASE don't hesitate to contact Ramona at 253-571-7900 (SOTA) or 253-571-2300 (iDEA) to discuss any payment arrangements by May 17th, including the financial assistance form also in the packet.​

Additionally, this is usually a great time for families who live outside of Tacoma Public School District boundaries to attend their annual out-of-district enrollment paperwork.  This needs to be done every year, preferably in the Spring.  The Out-of-District Enrollment form is required to attend SOTA or iDEA if you live outside of the Tacoma Public Schools boundary (not for admittance to registration). You'll need to go the the main office of the school district where you live and request an enrollment release.  Again, both of the form and obtaining the release need to be done annually.

How to Succeed at Registration and get the best schedule!

  • The single biggest way to succed at registration is be there! That means showing up on time and having taken care of required documents and fees so you can be admitted.

  • The next most important thing is a well planned schedule. Begin by clicking on the Registration Packet link on the left. The schedule planner included in the Registration Packet includes boxes for not only your preferred schedule but, importantly, second choice classes and third choice classes for each period. Registration is LIVE and classes close as they are filled. Having a plan for alternate classes in the event of a closure is crucial!

  • Students who have taken care of Camp Permission Forms and Camp Payment by May 4th, who show up on time and who have schedule planners with at least 2 alternate schedules can expect a smooth registration process taking about 45 minutes.

Registration Day Schedule - Friday, May 24th - 2019 - SOTA Music Box Building

Click on the Registration Poster on the left for the complete registration day schedule. It is posted in each building as well.