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School of the Arts

Capstone Project


 Important Docs


As a cumulative demonstration of focused learning at The Tacoma School of the Arts, Seniors will complete a Capstone project under the guidance of a faculty leader in their major artistic discipline. The project will be representative of the depth of their knowledge and presented in the springtime of their senior year to the SOTA community.​​

In October, Seniors in the class of 2016 will complete a Capstone Project application and turn it in to the faculty advisor for the artistic major. Students may work together in group projects and are encouraged to find partners who offer a collaborative opportunity across artistic disciplines.

Faculty will review applications and inform each student if their project is accepted as is, headed in the right direction but needs modification, or if there are serious issues with the proposal. Advisors are looking for projects that stretch a student, demonstrate the depth of their learning and potential in their art form. The project would ideally also take the student and their work outside of the walls of the SOTA Community and into the greater community through public performance or display. Some students may find that combining performances or displays with other students an effective way to deal with outside venues. While generally discouraged, if a student wishes their project to be primarily about them teaching their art form to others, the faculty advisor will look to see how the project connects to future employment plans in arts education.

Once a project is approved, students will keep regular contact with their advisor and communicate their progress to that advisor. Advisors will create and maintain regular “check-in” dates with their students. Projects should, whenever possible, finish the objectives of their project before May of their Senior year. ​​All Seniors will present their projects to the school and community in five minute presentations scheduled in May.

Additional Capstone Project forms and paperwork are being re-developed and will be posted on this page when available.  Please check back.​​​​​​​​​