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School of the Arts

Black Lake Retreat


 Camp Documents

2019 Black Lake SOTA Camp Retreat is Wednesday, August 28 - Friday, August 30.

All SOTA students and staff begin each school year with a three-day, two-night retreat at Black Lake Camp in Olympia.  These days are part of our school year calendar and attendance is required.  

The trip begins on Wednesday (8/28) where we ask students to arrive at Foss High School, with all of their packed stuff, at 8:00AM. As we're sure you could imagine, with 600 students arriving at the same time, traffic could be a real headache!  But, no worries, we've got you covered... we've been doing this a while and have figured out a good plan!  Basically, you'll drive in a circle, from entrance to exit, dropping off your st​​udent as you go.  You'll barely stop to let them out and this creates a smooth flow.  It works nearly the same in reverse when you pick them up, also at Foss HS, on Friday (8/30) at approximately 12:00PM.  On the left of this page is a map showing the traffic flow for the drop-off. Please note that the whole thing comes crashing down to a standstill if we don't enforce the right turn only onto Stevens Street as you exit Foss HS.  Please plan for this.

Also on left of this page are the ever-important Camp Packing List which details what you should bring and should not bring. Please do not use a garbage bag to pack items.  They always fall apart.  Also, put your name on everything!  You'd be surprised how many lost and found items we haul home from camp each year. 

Our retreat is a time to get welcomed, and re-welcomed, into our SOTA community.  The days are filled with a mix of free-time, teacher-led lessons, readings, food (vegetarian options are always available) and evening student showcases.  It's not only fun, it gets our school year started in the best way possible.

Also on the left, please read the Welcome letter from SOTA's co-directors with info to get the year off to a great start!​