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Skyline Elementary

Tacoma Whole Child Initiative

TWCI—Tacoma Whole Child Initiative: Tacoma Public School’s districtwide initiative to focus on meeting the needs of the “whole child”, meaning social and emotional supports in addition to academics.

Whole Child—Pertains to how your child is feeling inside and outside of school; the needs he/she has in order to feel happy about school and confident in their learning.

PBIS—Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: a prevention oriented way for school staff to organize and implement strategies that will maximize academic and social behavior outcomes for students.

MTSS—Multi-Tiered System of Support: We have a three tiered system of support in our schools.

Tier I are interventions or teaching strategies that teachers use for all students in their class.

Tier II are interventions that occur in smaller groups and help students who are needing additional supports.                                                                                                                                    

Tier III are interventions for students on an individual level to meet their specific needs, additional services and/or individualized educational plans may be provided at this level.

Zones of Regulation—A school-wide color system to help students identify and then regulate their feelings and emotions.



For more information on the Tacoma Whole Child Initiative please view a short informational video at the following website: