TV School

Students in grades K-5 can watch weekly social emotional lessons, guest speakers and community field trips lessons.

TV Classroom continues for the 2021-2022 school year. Teachers, Ms. Walle and Ms. Ozolin, will teach weekly lessons on social emotional learning, host guest speakers and community field trips. Students and families will be able to watch lessons on KTPS TV (Comcast Channel 26 or Click/Rainier Connect Channel 25) and the TV Classroom YouTube channel.

With students back full time and in person, TV Classroom will also provide support classroom teachers with short, grade level specific lessons. Students may see these lessons in class or available on Schoology.

All lessons from the 2020-2021 school year are available on the TPS TV Classroom YouTube channel, as new lessons become available they will be added there as well.

Who's teaching?

Ms. Walle

Ms. Walle, Math

This year Ms. Walle's fourteenth year as a teacher and eighth year with Tacoma Public Schools. Ms. Walle has taught from preschool through grade four. She is loves to paint, garden and go on nature walks with her two year old. Her go to advice for parents is; be your child's cheerleader, knowing you believe in them will empower them to be independent learners and take risks in all areas of their lives. She is excited to continue to provide innovative inclusive instruction for the Tacoma Community and is excited to see what this school year has to offer.
Ms. Ozolin

Mrs. Ozolin

Mrs. Ozolin has spent all her decade-long career teaching in Tacoma, including her student teaching. She has been a Kindergarten and 3rd grade classroom teacher, a K-3 collaborative teacher and now a TV Teacher. Her favorite part of teaching is connecting with students and families. Mrs. Ozolin says she is learning so much about collaborating with educators, families, students, and community members to uplift future generations of leaders in Tacoma. And as a parent herself she advises families to give yourselves grace and when learning stops being fun, take a break.