Title/LAP Intervention

During Remote Learning, students served by the Title/LAP Intervention Program will have access to their interventionists’ support, via small group opportunities.   

Instructional supports will be provided through Tacoma Online School or remote learning. 

The guidance for supporting students accessing intervention services include: 

  1. Students are selected for interventions based on class performance, teacher recommendation and assessment results including standardized tests, district local assessments and individual screenings. 
  2. Students needing targeted interventions in ELA or Math will be provided between 15-30 mins of targeted instruction over and above core instruction. 


We want students and families to be successful. Here’s communication you can count on: 

  • Initial Contact: The interventionist at your child’s school will be reaching out to families of students who have been selected for additional supports outside of their core instruction.  At this time the interventionist will discuss a plan and schedule for the provision of services once school gets started.  
  • Letter: The interventionists will be sending out an informational letter to the families of the students prior to the start of services.  The letter intention of the letter will be to introduce themselves, outline the purpose/focus of interventions, and to share resources/strategies to keep students engaged.  
  • Website: The Title I and LAP Website will be updated with current information. 

Conferences and Meetings for Intervention 

Meetings with the teacher will continue to be held virtually or by phone until Pierce County Health and Human services provide guidance around holding face to face meetings. 

Access to Devices for Intervention 

Students will checkout laptop computers for their learning.  We will be starting the year with computers for grades 6-12. As new orders come in from the suppliers, we will be distributing computers to elementary students.  We’re still working on our laptop distribution plans and will have an update on this soon.