Special Education self-contained hybrid

Ensuring a safe, successful start to in-person learning


When hybrid learning starts Jan. 19, all kindergarten students on the remote/hybrid path will return to in-person learning two days a week and remote learning three days a week. The students will be divided into two cohorts: those who get face-to-face instruction on Monday and Tuesday, and those who get face-to-face instruction on Thursday and Friday. They will be in groups of 15 students or less per class.

Tips to prepare your student for hybrid learning:

  • Talk about returning to in-person school with your student.
  • Share the importance of social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing.
  • Register for the Parent App at https://family.tpsapps.org/ and  complete the COVID-19 health survey every morning before your student comes to school.
  • Practice wearing a mask with your child.

Support your student’s return to school

  • You can also support your student’s return to school by talking about expectations, especially for how, when, where and why we wear a mask.
  • Show your student that a mask should cover the nose and mouth.
  • Remind your student that we wear a mask at school unless we are eating or drinking.
  •  Let your student know that they are expected to wear their mask when they are on the bus or in school.
  •  Share with your student that when we wear a mask, we protect each other; it shows that we care for one another and can work together to help our community.  

Tips to encourage wearing a mask:

  • Ask students to think of what superhero they would like to be and create a “power pose” which while they do while they take in three slow deep breaths. While wearing a mask, help them think about what super powers they would like to have and how they can help people. Talking about super powers helps focus attention on things other than the masks.
  •  Watch Julia from Sesame Street Learns to Wear A Mask
  • If your student has a favorite doll or stuffed animal, ask them to put a mask on it.  allow the child to put the mask on the preferred toy. Every time the child places the mask on the toy, offer reward/praise..
  • Have fun in front of a mirror or use a phone and take fun selfies (maybe using fun filters).  Take turns putting on different masks in front of the mirror/phone.  Laugh, and praise the child for wearing the mask.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Create a scavenger hunt for the child to look for people wearing masks during a designated amount of time- have them find different color masks, words, characters, have them count how many they see and review what they found.

Building principals have notified families about assigned cohort days for kindergarten students. Please call your school principal if you have questions.

Starting Jan. 25, students in secondary self-contained classrooms will attend school for four days of face-to-face instruction, with Wednesdays slated for district-wide independent learning days. If you have not spoken to your case manager, please contact them. 

Principals are working with teachers to ensure our LRC students have access to core instruction, specially designed instruction and related services as stated in their IEP. LRC teachers are working with building principals to align schedules and will contact parents after the start of in person services.

Transportation is reviewing routes and addresses and will contact parents about pick up and drop off times. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Please contact your school’s office manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Students can get free breakfast and free hot lunch at school during their in-person learning days, or they can bring their own food to school. They will remain together with their class groups during meals, either in their classroom or another location, depending on their school’s plan.

If your student has food allergies that your school does not already know about, please contact your school nurse – even if you don’t plan to have your student take school meals. Schools can make some meal accommodations for students with food allergies; ask your child’s health care provider to complete this form, and submit it to your school nurse.”

Special Education and 504 Frequently Asked Questions

Carla screen shot from welcome video

On Dec. 18 Superintendent Carla Santorno announced that beginning Tuesday, Jan. 19, kindergarten students will start coming to school for in-person instruction two days per week—Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday—in groups of up to 15 students. Kindergarten students, who have not yet had any in-school experience, will have the school mostly to themselves this first week, which will help them get comfortable with their school.

​​On school days when students do not attend school in person, they will have assignments from their teacher to work on independently from home.

In addition, students who receive special education services at all grade levels—and who have been attending school in person in groups of five or fewer—will continue to attend school in groups of up to 15 students.

The district has started exploring ways to bring back middle school and high school students living homeless and others farthest from educational justice in small groups of up to 15 students, as recommended by the new state guidance.

NOTE: The state’s new guidance limits student groups to a maximum of 15 students per classroom if the COVID-19 case count in the community exceeds 350 cases per 100,000 residents.

Read the full statement here.