Tacoma students are using a new, collaborative tool that connects them to almost everything they need during the school day. Through this tool, Schoology, students can attend classes, see their assignments, turn in homework, and get feedback.

Parents and guardians can  access their student’s Schoology account, which will allow them to view and submit their child's assignments, message teachers, receive messages from their school, and keep up on the calendar of upcoming events. Soon, they'll be able to view grades as well.

How do I create an account in Schoology? 
1.    Sign up for your Schoology account at
2.    Click Sign Up at the top of the page and choose Parent.
3.    Enter your Parent Access Code. This is a 12-digit code that you should have received via email.
4.    Fill out the form with your name and email address.
5.    Click Register to complete. 

How do I link my account with my child’s Schoology account? 
When you create an account in Schoology with the access code given to you, your account is linked with your child’s. If you are seeing anything in error, please contact your school’s Teacher Librarian by visiting your school’s website and clicking the tile that says ”Remote Learning Help" on the homepage. 
What if the code doesn’t work? 
Click on “Remote Learning Help” tile on the homepage of your school’s website. This will let the Teacher Librarian associated with your school know that you need help and they will follow-up with you as soon as they are able. 
What if my code works but I don’t see anything about my child’s courses? 
Once in your Schoology account, click on your name at the top of the screen. There you will see your child’s name; click on their name and you will be given view-only access into their Schoology courses and materials. 
Will I have to do this process every year? 
No, once you link your account with your child’s, it will stay linked from year to year. 

How can another Parent/Guardian set up a parent account in Schoology?
The same access code can be used to link another parent/guardian to your child. Schoology has created one code for each child in the district.
What if I have two or more children? 
You can have more than one child under your parent account. You can add additional children to your account by clicking on your name at the top of the page and selecting the “Add Child” option. You will then be prompted to add the additional child’s code. You will have one login for yourself and can see multiple children under your one account.  
What if I have two or more children that are in different school districts? 
This is a little tricky but you can link account at different districts together. Check out this resource for a step by step guide on how to do so.  

My children are enrolled in Tacoma Online. Do they have Schoology access?
No. Students enrolled in Tacoma Online use the Edgenuity learning platform rather than Schoology. 

How can I get help learning to use Schoology?
Watch this video to learn how to log in, manage notifications and effectively use the tool and visit this online Family Support Center for more tips.