Elementary Grade Levels K-5

Kindergarten through second-grade students can use English Language Arts (ELA) and math practice packets; they apply to students in both remote learning and Tacoma Online. ELA packets help students practice letters, sounds, words, comprehension of short reading passages, and writing about topics of their choice. Math packets help with fluency, math skills and enrichment. 

Both are designed for students who do not have devices, but they are available to all students. They are self-paced and not directly tied to classroom instruction. 

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students on the remote learning path can use literacy packets from which remote teachers will assign work that ties to their lessons. The packets complement the reading and writing units remote learning teachers use for live and independent learning every day. 

The literacy packets are intended for remote learners only, as Tacoma Online students have different workbooks.

  • All learning packets are PDF downloads.
  • For learning packets in an accessible format, please contact your student's teacher.

April to June 2021 Learning Packets

January to March 2021 Learning Packets

November and December 2020 Learning Packets

September and October 2020 Learning Packets

Additional Opportunities

Below are additional resources (adopted curriculum and optional online resources) for families to go beyond the packets.

English Language Arts


Physical Education


​Visual Arts


World Language

Financial Literacy