Grading and Reporting

The process of grading involves providing students with a grade (or mark) that demonstrates a students’ progress toward meeting standard on a given activity or assignment. 

These grades are pulled for Report Cards multiple times during the year to communicate with families the students’ progress toward meeting Priority Standards. 

  • At the elementary school level, report cards are sent home each trimester. 

  • At middle and high school level, progress reports are sent home quarterly and report cards are communicated at the end of 1st semester in addition to the end of the school year. 

Accessing grades between report cards is an important part of understanding each students’ progress toward meeting Priority Standards. Assignment grades can be access through Schoology. And families can continue to access overall grades through the Home Access Center (HAC), if desired. Videos explaining how to access grades through Schoology are on the Self-Paced Training section of the Family Support Center. Here are the direct links to the family videos:

              Accessing Elementary Grades through Schoology (English  |  Spanish)

              Accessing Secondary Grades through Schoology (English  |  Spanish)