English Learners Remote Learning Model

Instruction during Remote Learning 

The goal of the English Learner (EL) Department during Remote Learning is to provide appropriate English Language Development (ELD) instruction to English Learners to foster language acquisition and to scaffold grade-level content, while engaging with students virtual and, when face-to-face, maintaining all safety protocols and social distancing requirements. 

Instructional guidelines to be applied, as appropriate, include:  

  • Collaboration between content teachers, Special Education teachers and EL teachers to ensure equitable and effective instruction for all students  
  • Meaningful access to rigorous, grade-level content without unnecessary segregation. 
  • Individualized learning experiences using multiple modalities in a Sheltered Instruction, Push-in (small groups) and/or Pull-out model; this may include materials that do not require technology access 
  • Increased instructional time for Newcomer/Emergent-status ELs to support language development  
  • EL teacher collaboration to create a bank of differentiated lessons by grade level and language proficiency   
  • Teacher-Parent connection for Parent Accessibility  

English Learner Assessment for Identification during Remote Learning 

Currently qualified ELs will continue receiving services.  For newly enrolled students, the ELPA21 screener is used to identify potential ELs.  

The following guidelines will be used during Remote Learning: 

  • Within 10 days of enrollment, schools will provide provisional ELD services to those possibly eligible students, based on answers to questions 2 and 3 of the Home Language Survey (HLS).  
  • Within 30 days from the date that TPS determines that it is safe to return to school buildings, students will be administered the ELPA21 screener.  
  • We will also develop a schedule for screening groups of 5 or less to occur at the Central Administration Office or other designated school buildings.

  • When the English Language Learner identification process is completed, families will receive written notice, in their preferred language, of the ELPA21 screener results.