OSPI expects attendance submissions from districts via CEDARS.  From start of school through October 2nd, districts are to record an absence from Remote Learning as “non truancy remote learning absence” that is neither excused or unexcused.  This will give families/students/districts time to adjust to the remote learning environment.  Beginning October 5th, districts are expected to differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. 

Presence is determined by engaging in planned asynchronous or synchronous learning activities.  Some recommendations from OSPI to gage presence are: 

  • Daily Learning Management System (LMS) logins, once we transition to learning through the LMS 
  • Daily interactions with teacher 
  • Evidence of participation in task or assignment 

If the student does not engage in any way, that student should be marked as absent.  OSPI has provided additional reasons that a student may have an excused absence during Covid circumstances: 

  • Ill family member 
  • Lack of access to necessary instructional tools 
  • Parents’ work schedule 
  • Student’s obligations to family 

 SIS Setup to Support: 

From September 9 – October 2, students not engaging in remote learning will be marked absent using the code NTA (Non truancy absence).  This code will be neither excused or unexcused.  When a teacher marks a student absent in TAC (Teacher Access Center) the code will be set to NTA. 

Beginning October 5, TPS will begin collecting absences that are either excused or unexcused, exactly like in years past.  However, there will be four new Excused attendance codes to align the OSPI guidance noted above.  When a teacher marks a student absent in TAC, the default value will be unexcused.  The school office will then make the determination if the absence can be excused, and if so change the code to the excused absence reason. 

Other Information 

  • Behavior that would indicate a student is present includes:  
  • Student engaged in 50+% of class lessons, to include: attending class meetings, completing assigned work, working and/or engaging in the Learning Management System (LMS).  
  • Tardies for 2020-2021 will continue to be tracked after 10/5/20. 
  • Parents/Guardians continue to contact the schools attendance secretary or main office to report an absence.