Students in grades kindergarten through 12 may register to attend Tacoma Online. Priority registration for Tacoma Online has closed. We’re building student schedules now for all students who have registered during the priority enrollment period for Tacoma Online. While we will continue to accept registrations for Tacoma Online to create a waiting list, families should plan to start the school year in Remote Learning.

Tacoma Online students enrolled in Tacoma Online must complete the entire trimester (elementary) or semester (secondary). At the end of that time, if a parent wants to return their student to their home school, Tacoma Online staff will support the student and family in the transfer process. 

Tacoma Online is designed to support students with a variety of learning needs, but we also want to ensure that it is each student’s ideal learning environment. If students require specific accommodations, Tacoma staff will work with the student and family to determine if this online offering is the most appropriate approach to learning.