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Compass Student Application

Compass is a web-based tool students can use to monitor their own GPA and individual assignment grades, set goals and milestones to reach them, and check in with their daily mood. Funded by a grant from the Stuart Foundation, Compass originated with the realization that while students were doing their school work each day, they didn’t have much access to their own data about that work. Learn more


Paper Learning Packets and TV Lessons

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Today’s students have lived with digital technology from a very early age. Technology is a natural part of how they live every day. To engage these “digital natives”, the district provides reliable, contemporary, and integrated technology to enable teaching, learning, research, and service. Teachers must use technology as an integral part of their teaching strategies to stimulate the exchange and creation of knowledge students have come to expect. Technology will exist in an integrated environment that fosters an open, collaborative, and unifying culture.