Data Assessment Research Team

The Data Assessment Research Team (DART) is responsible for analyzing and summarizing student achievement. This includes conducting program evaluations, reporting required by external funding sources (federal grants, for example), as well as internally identified programs about which we want objective analyses of implementation and/or impact.

Our responsibilities:
  • Managing the approval process for requests to conduct individual or institutional research in the Tacoma Public Schools
  • Providing data and information to assist in the evaluation of programs being used in the district

Conducting Research

Tacoma Public Schools recognizes the importance of relevant and valid research and is committed to facilitating appropriate research activities in the district. All research projects are screened by the Research Review Committee, which reviews applications and provides final approval. Research, however, is secondary to our goal of educating every student every day in Tacoma Public Schools. Approval is reserved for proposals that support the Tacoma School District benchmarks and does not interfere with instruction or the efficient operation of Tacoma Public Schools. 

Enrollment Statistics

These documents contain statistical information relating to enrollment at Tacoma Public Schools including gender, free-reduced lunch, mobility and other demographic features.