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Associated Student Body

ASB Roles and Responsibilities


  • Represent the student body at school, district and community meetings and events with academic integrity and exemplary conduct.
  • Monitor responsibilities of each officer and determine if they are fulfilling their duties.
  • Stay in constant communication with the ASB advisors and communicate with the principal on behalf of the Student Council.
  • Develop agenda for and preside at student council meetings.
  • Votes when there is a tie.


Vice President:

  • Assume the responsibilities of the President or the other officers in their absence.
  • Plan Jamboree proceedings with ASB Advisors and school Administration.
  • Coordinate and help organize events such as Food Drive, Fun Runs, Earth Day, and staff Appreciation Weeks.
  • Coordinate fundraisers for student council and teachers.



  • Record accurate minutes for Student Council meetings.
  • Keep track of new agenda items for the next meeting and report these items to the President.
  • Maintain attendance record of Student Council officers.
  • Type materials for student council officers for distribution.



  • Present proposed budget of activities to the Student Council.
  • Handle all funds and keeps financial records.
  • Report at Student Council meetings on money matters.
  • Coordinate fundraising projects for student council.



  • Collect newspaper clippings or video reports about Jennie Reed.
  • Create and collect information for the ASB bulletin board.
  • Issued an ASB camera to take digital students photographs and school events.
  • Work with the ASB advisors to create a PowerPoint presentation for the students and staff.


Spirit Leader:

  • Promote school spirit while being a top example of what excellent school spirit is.
  • Coordinate all spirit days or weeks.
  • Recommend students for door greeters for assemblies and daytime performers.
  • Assist with the preparation of student assemblies and increases school spirit.


Head Jaguar Ambassador:

  • Facilitate JA summits.
  • Report to ASB president.
  • Representative for class Jaguar Ambassadors.