Enterprise Project Management Office

The Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) plays a vital role in Tacoma Public Schools' District-wide strategic initiatives by providing project management expertise, coaching, and training for those who manage initiatives with a disciplined and proven methodology.

Achievement through Innovation

As a team-based process, Project Management... 

  • Cultivates innovation by collaborating with community members and schools to pilot new ideas;
  • Supports financial sustainability by enabling projects to be completed successfully;
  • Provides an opportunity for continuous improvement by measuring and monitoring results toward District goals. 

Please contact us with your ideas, questions. and comments.

Picture1.pngEnrollment Services 

The enrollment process will become more transparent and easily understood by our community.  Tacoma Public Schools Enrollment Services is replacing manual enrollment with online services that include general enrollment and choice transfers.


Highlighting student mastery and growth

 The Student Success Dashboard will embody student's individual successes, academically and non-academically during their K-12 career and as they prepare for life beyond the twelfth grade.  Students will understand how individual achievements grow upon each other and can see individual trends in areas such as academics, social and emotional learning and extra-curricular activities.  This grant funded effort through the Stuart Foundation will be built to increase student engagement and foster communication and collaboration between students, teachers, parents, principals and administrators. 


Providing space for student access to health services in school

MultiCare Health Clinic at Oakland  is a concept in preliminary stages to provide space for a health center that provides primary care and mental health services for students and onsite daycare children.  This innovative pilot includes Tacoma Public Schools and MultiCare Health Systems.


Fitness, education and health improves student achievement

Thrive at Jason Lee is a new innovative school.  Classrooms are active rigorous and fun places to learn.  The EPMO helps navigate implementation of the school within a school in collaboration with the principal through policies, approvals, staffing, and budgeting,


Integrating Technology in Teaching and Learning 

Portable computing devices and software are used by teachers, students and parents in schools, in the home, and in libraries.  Offering digital learning resources helps students develop technological skills and be prepared for today's digital age.  The EPMO provides structure to implementing innovation at all levels.