Partnership, as a core value of Tacoma Public Schools and one fourth of the TPS Strategic plan, demonstrates that our organization walks its talk. Research validates what our School Board, staff and community understand: schools cannot do it alone. Partnership through collective leadership and responsibility will aid us in fully engaging youth, parents, community and staff in the education of Tacoma Public School students. Together we will close the gaps and create access and opportunities that will equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in school, work and life.

Why partner?

Language is important and with our community we developed this definition and common language for what we mean when we say partnership. Partnership for Tacoma Public Schools is a cooperative relationship between students, families, schools, and the greater Tacoma community. Partners are committed to supporting student academic success and the whole child. Partners work with and invest in the education of our children —whose future, in turn, will affect the quality of life in the entire Tacoma community.

How do you partner with Tacoma Schools?

If you are a business or community group and are interested in becoming a partner with Tacoma Schools, please contact us at 253-571-7980 to discuss your interests and the necessary steps. Individuals can apply to volunteer from our volunteer page.

​Enjoy photos from some of our partner events