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CIS Coordinator - Haili Crow 253.571.5146

 Upcoming Events.jpg            ​student success story - de'anejah

JANUARY 20TH                                   De'Anejah (Nejah) is very involved in Communities in Schools 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day          in Schools Tacoma at Oakland. She participates in the Here to

No School ​                                  Slay community service and entrepreneurship club, Cracking

                                                    the Code, Mindfulness activities, and often stays after school 

JANUARY 30TH                                   for tutoring. She is a leader, and a kind friend, and someone we

Secondary Semester Break        are so thankful to have in all our CIS programs.  

No School ​                                  This year she has learned the importance of advocating for

                                                    herself and others. She works diligently, and is on the path to  

JANUARY 29TH                                   success.

Family Data Night                       Nejah has plans to be a Marine Biologist when she graduates  

5:30PM     ​                                   high school, and is exceptionally passionate about helping 

                                                                                                            animals. She is also passionate about helping community, which

JANUARY 31sT  ​                                                   is shown through her time in Here to Slay, the women 

Data Day  ​                                                                empowerment community service program. Nejah's commitment

No School​                                                                         to her own learning and growth, her community, and her school


Visit us Online:                                                                                  makes us very proud, and we are certain she will do great things                                                            in her life after high school. 

resource report $5790 donations to program this month, 4 volunteer hours, 33 students received 1 on 1 support

partnerships and highlights write253.jpg

This month we had the pleasure of having WRITE253 come to our school to do a personal essay workshop for our students. We invited sophomores, juniors & seniors who have plans to go to college to join. 


Many of our students come to Oakland after falling behind in their courses, and often their GPAs are not wuite up to college standards. This is not because our students are not bright, but often because of difficulties in their lives outside of shool. The personal essay portion of a college application allows for students to give insight into their lives, to paint a picture of the person they really are, and the person they hope to become.


With the help of WRITE253, our students were able to get a start to this essay under their belt and we are so thankful for their support of our students! We can't wait for them to come back in January!

helping hands contact haili to volunteer at or 253.571.5146 help as an academic coach or female mentor