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Northeast Tacoma Elementary - An arts-fused school

Northeast Tacoma Uniform Policy



What you CAN wear 

Do NOT wear 


  • red, navy blue (no light or royal blues), or white solid colors  

  • NET Spirit Wear 

  • patterns (stripes, polka dots, prints), logos, emblems, tops with glitter, lace, sequins, or other adornments     


  • Spirit Wear 

  • Shirts with collars  

  • short or long-sleeved polo shirts 

  • short or long-sleeved button up shirts 

  • sweatshirts, sweaters, cardigans, jackets* (must be worn over a uniform shirt) 

  • crew neck t-shirts 

  • spaghetti straps, tank tops, strapless, or sleeveless tops  

  • turtleneck or mock turtleneck tops 

  • ripped tops 


*Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Jackets: If worn inside, must be solid red, navy blue, white or Spirit Wear. 




What you CAN wear 

Do NOT wear 



  • Solid navy blue, tan, or khaki                        

  • patterns (stripes, polka dots, prints), logos, emblems, glitter, lace, sequins or other adornments   


  • pants: slacks, capri, corduroy, cargo 

  • skirts, shorts, skorts 

  • jumpers (must be worn with a uniform top) 

  • dresses: short or long-sleeved 

  • denim (jeans)

  • sweatpants

  • anything shorter than fingertip length 

  • unhemmed items  

  • leggings as pants 

  • ripped or torn bottoms 



Shoes: No open-toed shoes. No heel above 1 inch. 


Socks/Tights: Solid navy or white; no patterns. Must be worn at all times. 


Leggings: Solid navy or white; no patternsMay be worn under skirts, dresses or jumpers. May NOT be worn as pants. 


Hats: May be worn outside. No head coverings indoors (except for religious dress). No bandanas may be worn.  


Makeup: No makeup. Nail polish is okay. 


ASB Spirit Days Please visit NET’s online calendar to see Spirit/Free Dress Day themesDays will be announced in advance. 

**No tank tops, undershirts, ripped clothing, sweatpants, or leggings as pants. No inappropriate language or images. Bottoms must be fingertip length. 


Consequences for Non-Compliance 

1st timeVerbal warning 

2nd timeContact parents 

3rd timeStudent sent to office to change clothes