Request a Placement Interview:


How do I know if I am qualified to be an Intern? 

If you can answer YES to either of these questions, please proceed with Steps #1-4 to request an interview with the Next Move:

         Have I already completed Intro to Internship or Summer Jobs 253?

         Have I been an intern already? (Current interns need to complete this process in order to be placed again...)


How to request an Interview with the Next Move via Email:

Step #1

Prepare a professional email to be sent to: YOUR COACH'S EMAIL

       Subject Line: Requesting a Next Move Interview

       CC line: Include the email address of your guidance counselor and/or mentor

       Required Attachments: Resume [saved as "FirstName LastName Resume"]

                                              Cover Letter [saved as "FirstName LastName CoverLetter"]

Step #2

In the first half of the body of your email, answer the following questions:

  • What kind of professional experience are you looking for by working with The Next Move?
  • What kind(s) of professional experience have you had thus far? 
  • What professional skills do you want to develop in this internship?
  • What days and times will you be available to intern in a professional setting in the upcoming semester?

Step #3

In the second part of the body of your email, answer the following questions:

  • When are YOU available for an off-campus interview with a member of The Next Move team?

"At your earliest convenience, I would like to request a 45-minute interview with your team so that I can introduce my professional skills to you.  I am available from X:00-X:00 on X date (sample: "3pm-4pm on Tuesday, September 19th").  Can you please confirm where we will be meeting for the interview?"

Step #4

Send your email with a professional conclusion:

  • Your first and last name
  • School
  • A cell phone number where you can easily be reached


student email example for requesting an interview.png