Being a NEXT MOVE Intern Host...

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Becoming a NEXT MOVE Intern Host...

The NEXT MOVE Internship Program of Tacoma Public Schools works with the local business and non-profit community to design meaningful professional positions for high school juniors and seniors. By working alongside workers in a specific industry, students preview their future and gain increased enthusiasm for a career. This valuable experience assists them in acquiring many of the skills and occupational expertise needed in a field of interest. Through the NEXT MOVE Program, interns become more focused on their careers, as well as potential future educational options.

Students typically intern 4-8 hours per week at the site, earning high school credit for the unpaid experience. Participants are assigned a NEXT MOVE Coach who supports both the student and the supervisor throughout the internship.

Representing all career pathways are hundreds of local businesses and organizations that host NEXT MOVE interns. A sampling of past intern hosts can be found here.

Program Timeline

September & October:              Applications accepted from Tacoma Public Schools' juniors and seniors 

December:                                   Student candidate participates in Professional Development Activities

November:                                     Student candidate interviews with the NEXT MOVE Team

January:                                        Initial Interview with Site Supervisor​ & NEXT MOVE Intern Orientation 

February:                                      Internships begin on Site

[March 28th – April 8th]:            Student Spring Break (schedules vary by school)

End of May:                                  NEXT MOVE Celebration Breakfast / Internships conclude for summer

Download our NEXT MOVE Site Supervisor Handbook (2016-2017).pdf

Download the NEXT MOVE Internship Student Flier.pdf

Download the 2016-2017 Year Calendar, Tacoma Public Schools.pdf

Download the 2016-2017 Year Calendar, SOTA+SAMI.pdf