Performance Reviews

Building, Reflecting, and Presenting using a Professional Portfolio:

All interns will prepare their Professional Portfolio that is to be presented at the SUMMATIVE EXIT REVIEW (see page 3 of your workbook, Internship 1 - Program Expectations).  During this time, you will self-assess each of your goals using the provided rubric in your workbook (also posted below).  Upon completion, ​and after you turn in the final required program items to your coach, you will receive a final grade and credit on your transcript.

Watch a Sample of a Performance Review

This process is an opportunity for you to showcase and celebrate your amazing work this semester!  It is NOT meant to be stressful, but rather it is your chance to maximize this experience for your own future.  We want you to be able to document your internship by sharing your Professional Portfolio, while thoughtfully describing your experience to an audience (or potential employer) with examples.  Developing this ability is the culmination of the NEXT MOVE Internship Program.

What should you discuss at the Performance Review?

1. Introduce yourself, your internship site, and give a brief overview of the work that you have been doing. 

2. Share two of your internship goals.  Describe the progress you have been making and share any evidence you have collected so far.

3. Share one struggle you have faced this semester and how you have been working to overcome this challenge. 

4. Share one success you have experienced this semester and why it is significant to you. 

5. How do you hope to continue to grow at your site over the rest of the semester?

6. How is this internship experience helping you prepare for life after high school?


1) You, dressed professionally with portfolio

2) Timesheet - signed by site host.  Download here: Timesheet

3) Thank You Letter - written to site host.  Download here: Thank You Letter (sample with format)

4) Intern Goal Sheet

5) Evidence of Goals

6) Final Worksite Evaluation completed by supervisor



1) Read each of my goals aloud to the reviewer(s)

2) Using the provided rubric, self-assess progress toward each goal, addressing each designated standard (see sample video)


Performance Review Rubric


"I will contribute to increasing literacy levels of at least three students by having them read aloud at least 15 minutes each day."  [Site-specific Goal #1 at Bryant Elementary]

"Here is a reading log with the students' names, date, length of reading time, and areas of struggle/focus as well as a copy of the classroom reading."  [Evidence of progress toward goal]

"...attending Pacific Lutheran University where I plan to study education and pursue a career as an English teacher."  [Connection to post-graduation plan]



Resume, updated to include this internship experience

Timesheet, verified by my supervisor

Worksite Evaluation, or any assessments from the internship

Cover Letter, edited for a potential future position within the industry

Thank You Letter, written to my supervisor

Weekly Reports, printed and then intentionally connected to a specific goal



Goal Sheet

Job Description

Lesson Plans

Task Lists

High School & Beyond Plan


Written Reflections

Projects you have worked on

Acceptance Letters

Personal Essays


Set out professional attire for scheduled presentation day

Get a good night's sleep and eat a solid breakfast and lunch

Gather all required documents including evidence, and hole-punch it into the portfolio

Reflect on how the internship has influenced post-graduation plans

Review Portfolio the night before the review​ and double check for the required Timesheet and Thank You Letter