Documents & Materials

ABCs of Interning.pdf

Building a Professional Portfolio.pdf

Cover Letter (sample).pdf

Elevator Speech Assignment / How to Make a Great First Impression

Elevator Speech Writing Tips.pdf

Goals (sample).pdf

     Theses are what your goals could look like.

Initiative / Making Yourself Useful & Valuable

Interest Flier.pdf

Internship Goal Sheet.pdf

     The goal sheet is where you fill in and keep track of the goals you have set for your Internship.

Interview Tips (Top 10) from An Etiquette Professional.pdf

Program Expectations.pdf

     The expectations of how Interns will act during their internship.

Resume (sample).pdf

Resume Checklist.pdf

     This checklist is what is required to be in your resume.

Site Supervisor Handbook 2016-2017.pdf

Social Media DOs & DONTs.pdf

Thank You Letter (sample).pdf


     The Timesheet is for Interns to fill in, to keep track of the hours that they have worked.

Travel Pass.pdf

Weekly Report (sample).pdf

     This a sample of what a weekly report may look like.

Work Site Learning Agreement.pdf

     The Agreement that intern, guardians, and supervisor sign to show that they know what they are responsible for.

Worksite Evaluation.pdf

     This is the Evaluation is to be filled out by the Site Supervisor