2018/2019 Internship Application

NURSE CAMP at Multicare Info


ABCs of Interning.pdf

Building a Professional Portfolio.pdf

Cover Letter Sample.pdf


     2017-18 Comprehensive HS Calendar.pdf

     2017-18 SAMI Calendar.pdf

     2017-18 SOTA Calendar.pdf

Elevator Speech Assignment / How to Make a Great First Impression

Elevator Speech Writing Tips.pdf

Goals (sample).pdf [These are what your goals could look like.]

Initiative / Making Yourself Useful & Valuable.pdf

Internship Goal Sheet.pdf [The goal sheet is where you fill in and keep track of the goals you have set for your Internship]

Interview Tips (Top 10) from An Etiquette Professional.pdf

Labor and Industries Letter of Support.pdf

Labor and Industries UNPAID INTERNSHIPS 101.pdf

Program Expectations with Worksite Learning Agreement.pdf [The expectations of how Interns will act during their internship]

Resume Sample.pdf

Resume Checklist.pdf [This checklist is what is required to be in your resume.]

Schedule Planner.pdf

Supervisor Handbook 2017-2018.pdf

Social Media DOs & DONTs.pdf

Thank You Letter Sample.pdf

Timesheet.pdf [The Timesheet is for Interns to fill in, to keep track of the hours that they have worked.]

Travel Pass.pdf

VANI forms

Weekly Email Reflection - Guiding questions

Weekly Email Reflection Sample.pdf [This a sample of what a weekly report may look like]

Work Site Learning Agreement.pdf [The Agreement that intern, guardians, and supervisor sign to show that they know what they are responsible for]

Worksite Evaluation for Supervisors.pdf [This is the Evaluation is to be filled out by the Site Supervisor]

Worksite Evaluation for Teachers.pdf 

Worksite Evaluation Fillable Word Document.docx