​Intro to Internship consists of an online application, independent research and reflection, self-evaluation, professionalism workshops, and an interview.  After completing the below expectations, a student earns eligibility for internship placement in the community as well as a .5 occupational education credit.

Timeline of Expectations​

Step 1:  Apply Online 2018/2019 Internship Application

Step 2:  Meet your NEXT MOVE Coach to receive your Intro to Internship Workbook.

Step 3:  Complete each of these assignments in the Workbook:

   1) Why Internships, Why Now (video: "Success in the New Economy"​)

   2) Career Plan 

   3) Power of a Reference 

   4) Professional Resume (Watch our video guide: "Resume, How to Write One")

   5) Professional Cover Letter 

   6) Sign all Required Paperwork:  Work Site Learning Agreement.pdf // Internship Schedule Planner.pdf

   7) Meet in person with your Next Move Coach to review all tasks/assignments completed thus far in workbook...

  8) Professional Dress

  9) Evaluation & Goal Setting - Worksite Evaluation Self-Assessment.pdf

  10) Social Media 

  11) Professional Email

  12) SIgn up for a Professionalism Workshop - register via links posted above

  13) Read How to Prepare for an Interview 

  14) Request and participate in a formal interview with Next Move Team - register via links posted above

  15) Turn in your completed Workbook at your formal interview  

Once all of the above is completed, you are eligible to be placed as an intern and have earned a .5 credit