Statement on OSPI lawsuit

7/19/2016 | TACOMA, Washington

​Statement from Board President Karen Vialle and Superintendent Carla Santorno in response to OSPI lawsuit:

We all want the Legislature to deliver on the paramount duty of the State to provide for basic education. Clearly, the State has not fulfilled its constitutional obligation to fully fund basic education. In the McCleary case, the State Supreme Court has directed the State Legislature to address the funding gap.

Meanwhile, for many years, the Legislature has directed school districts to address the funding gap locally. It enacted a law to enable districts to use levy dollars to pay for a portion of teacher salaries. School districts and local communities continue to bear the burden to make up the difference. We have been left with no other choice.

We understand the goal behind the lawsuit; however, we completely disagree with the approach.

The result of the lawsuit could seriously harm our students and their families by undermining our district's funding of education services. Tacoma Public Schools complies with the funding system established by the Legislature. We will continue to support and promote student achievement while we wait for the Legislature to fully fund education.

OSPI news release