Revised Tacoma Public Schools 2011-2012 calendar dates

9/23/2011 | TACOMA, Washington

Tacoma Public Schools and the Tacoma Education Association agreed to the following changes to the current school year calendar as part of the settlement of the collective bargaining agreement for teachers.

The strike by members of the TEA equaled the loss of eight (8) school days: (Sept. 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22).
In addition, the district and TEA agreed that Nov. 23 – the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday – will now be a full day off (no school). (Prior to this change, Nov. 23 was an early release school day.)
As a result of all the changes, the school year calendar required nine new school days. Those new school days are:
  • Day 1 – Dec. 19
  • Day 2 – Dec. 20
  • Day 3 – Feb. 17
  • Day 4 – May 25
  • Day 5 – June 13
  • Day 6 – June 14
  • Day 7 – June 15
  • Day 8 – June 18
  • Day 9 – June 19 (early release day)


  1. The loss of days during first semester and the addition of days to the second semester means the start of the second semester will shift to from Jan. 27 to Feb. 6. That means Jan. 27 will now be a regular school day, and there will be no school for students on Feb. 6.
  2. Before these calendar changes, June 12 was an early release day because it was the last day of school. Now, June 12 will be a full day of school.
  3. Before these calendar changes, Dec. 16 was an early release day because it was the last day before winter break. Now that winter break starts later in December, Dec. 16 is a full day of school.
If necessary, snow make up days will be June 20, 21, 22.

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