Preparing for i-Ready Universal Screener

Parents and Educators Can Help Familiarize Young Students with Computers

2/27/2017 | TACOMA, Washington

​Tacoma students, more and more, use online educational tools and assessments, such as the new i-Ready Universal Screener. Research shows students will perform better on online tests if they have ample time to practice their computer skills ahead of time. TPS i-Ready screeners allow teachers to periodically check whether students have learned the concepts being taught in class.

You can help your student perform better by encouraging students to follow some helpful online practice tips:     

  • Mouse movement and clicking
  • Toggling over audio choice (speaker icon)
  • Moving from page 1 to page 2 on passages using the arrow
  • Moving from passage to picture using tabs (advanced passages have graphic features)
  • Listening to audio more than once
  • Listening to all audio choices
  • Reading passages out loud and all the way through
  • Reading all multiple choice options out loud and all the way through

Parents can download two free applications that offer their students opportunities to practice their computer skills at home, while also learning vocabulary and Math:

  • World’s Worst Pet – Vocabulary
  • Door 24 Plus-Math Fluency

These are interactive games students can play and compete with friends or siblings. Both of these i-Ready applications are available on i-Tunes.

Questions? Contact Amanda Mount, student assessment coordinator, at 253-571-1387