Lowell celebrates the heroic act of Marvin Klegman April 13

4/11/2012 | TACOMA, Washington

Lowell staff members, students and families will conduct their annual celebration of Marvin Alan Klegman on Friday, April 13, the 63rd anniversary of Marvin's heroic act at Lowell Elementary School. An assembly is held on Marvin Klegman Day and students go on a walk to the Klegman statue at the corner of N. 12th and I streets to honor Marvin Klegman, depending on the weather.
Marvin was a sixth grader on safety patrol at Lowell when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Tacoma on April 13, 1949.  Marvin, age 11, returned to the school and escorted 6-year-old Kelcy Allen, out of the school. Marvin sheltered the smaller boy from bricks falling off the building. Although it cost him his own life, Marvin saved the life of his younger classmate.
As an adult, the student who was saved was moved to discover the name of the safety patrol boy who had sacrificed his life to save him. He discovered that Marvin Klegman had made that brave sacrifice. A statue created by Larry Anderson of Bonney Lake commemorates Marvin's valor and selflessness at the corner of N. 12th and I streets.
Every year Lowell students recognize Marvin by participating in acts of kindness to help others. This year students are collecting socks that will be donated to a homeless shelter. Linda Bostrom’s kindergarteners, with the help of their parents, are making pillows for children at Mary Bridge Children's hospital, as well.