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Health Center

School Nurse: Sandy Harwood RN, MN
Telephone: (253) 571-3817
Fax: (253) 571-3799

Please FAX all student medical information
to the School Nurse at (253) 571-3799
Health Center Hours
 7:05 a.m. - 2:35 p.m.
1:10 p.m. - 2:05 p.m.


Early Dismissals
If your student calls you from school to pick them up for illness, injury or other issue, please instruct them to go to the Health Center or Attendance Office so that we may speak to you prior to you picking them up. We can complete the Early Dismissal form while you are on the phone and you will not be required to come into the office to sign your student out. This will save everyone time and eliminate any confusion.

Emergency Contact Information
Please come into the Guidance Office and update your address, phone numbers, and emergency contacts for your students. It is critical that we have current and up-to-date information. If we cannot reach you or a designated adult when an emergency arises we will arrange for your student to be taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. The Tacoma School District does not assume any financial responsibility for the transport or the hospital admission.

Health Center Reminders
Does your student have a life threatening health condition? Have you met with the school nurse to discuss this condition? Have you provided treatment orders to have on file for the current school year? If you answered "no" to any of the above, please call (253) 571-3817 for an appointment. Thank you!

Please update your students emergency contact information. It is critical that we be able to contact a responsible adult during the school day in case of an emergency. Students will only be released to the individuals noted in student information system.

Please feel free to call the Health Center at (253) 571-3817 with any questions or concerns. You may leave a message on the confidential voice mail at any time. We look forward to assisting you with the health needs of your student. Thank you for your help with these details.

Health Center Visits
Please remind students that the Health Center is open for non-emergency issues during all lunches and that only urgent illness or injury needs to be seen during regular class periods. Students are required to have a written pass from their current teacher to be seen during class time. It is important that students be in class to maximize their learning opportunities. Parents and family are encouraged to call for an appointment to avoid unnecessary waiting. Drop in visitors will be seen as time permits.

Immunizations will be reviewed ASAP. All students must be up-to-date with their required immunizations. Please send in any new additions to the Health Center so we can update your student's records. Any students out of compliance may be excluded from school until the immunizations are updated or waived. The following list contains the state minimum requirements:

DTP/DtaP/DT/TD - 3 doses (last dose after age 4)
MMR - 2 doses (First shot after age 1, second shot at least 28 days after first shot)
Polio - 3 doses (last dose after age 4)
Hep B - 3 doses

Please maintain your own records of all immunizations. Requests for immunizations should be in writing and will be forwarded within five (5) school days. Once a student has withdrawn from Mount Tahoma all records are forwarded or placed in storage.

Long-Term Absence
If your student is absent five (5) days or more they must have a release from their health care provider to return to school. This medical release should include activity level and any special accommodations. BECCA Bill students must have a release after three (3) days. You can have these faxed to the Health Center at (253) 571-3799 or bring a copy in when your child returns to school. Please notify the Health Center if your student has a major surgery, injury, condition, or illness that will keep them out of school more than 5 days at (253) 571-3817. You are also encouraged to contact each of the teachers to obtain homework and to inform them of the extended absence.

Medical Issue and Health Concerns
If your child has a significant health concern, please make arrangements to call or visit the Health Center. The number is (253) 571-3817. Please make an appointment for this meeting. If possible, please let the Nurse and the Counselor know prior to an extended absence, illness, or surgery so that arrangements can be made with teachers and home tutoring established if needed.

All students that have had surgery, or have been hospitalized, must have a Medical Release to return to school with specific information about activity limits and any accommodations needed following the procedure. The doctor should indicate when it is appropriate for your student to return to full activity.

​If your student needs to take medications during school hours, you need to bring in a “Physician’s Orders for Medications at School” form with a properly labeled container (by the pharmacy) to the Health Center. All medication must be counted prior to leaving the medication at the school. All medications must be brought in by a responsible adult, students may not carry medications with them unless ordered by their doctor. Medication is ordered to be given to a student at school only when absolutely necessary.